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Tacoma, Washington, USA

Premium Sungrown Flower & Extracts


Kandy Kush

Indica Hybrid (OG Kush x Trainwreck)

A strain that truly flourishes in sungrowing conditions, this sweet-tasting flower is heavy duty and perfect for night time.

Presidential Kush

Indica (Afghani x OG Kush)

This menu-leading flower is a combination of two powerhouse strains and is a new favorite among all consumers.

Sapphire Cookies

Hybrid (True OG x Girl Scout Cookies)

Combining two very popular new school strains, the Sapphire Cookies is an all around solid strain with a sweet flavor profile.


Indica (unknown)

This strain, which is shrouded in mystery, won the 2009 Cannabis Cup. It is well known for its' heavily sedating effects.


Sativa Hybrid (G-13 Haze x Jack Herer)

An extremely energetic strain, the parents passed on heavy citrus and pine aromas. Extremely pleasant for daytime use.

Our menu often includes rotating strains, so be sure to check with your local retailer for a complete list